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Fiverr review in 2021: Scam or still worth it?  

Fiverr is a smart option among entrepreneurs and business owners for hiring freelancers at an affordable rate. From a simple logo to complex data visualization, Fiverr has it all. 

There are currently over 3 million active gigs on Fiverr. In this article, we will take a comprehensive look at a fiver. If you are looking for your first hire but unsure if it is worth your time and effort or a new seller figuring out if it is worth building your portfolio on Fiverr, this article is for you.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a platform where you can buy or sell services. It eliminates the middleman so buyers and sellers can communicate effectively to get things done. With a massive pool of talent, Fiverr is currently one of the biggest online marketplaces. While it started with each gig costing $5 only, hence the name (five-or), the platform has slowly matured and now offers services at many different price points. 

How Fiverr works 

Fiverr lets freelancers list their services, with details of the deliverable, price, and timeline ( also known as gigs); buyers interested in these gigs will pay in advance to get the service. This payment will be kept on hold by Fiverr and paid out to the seller only once the service is completed and approved by the buyer, thus eliminating any scams. 

Buyers and sellers have the option to discuss feedback if they are not satisfied with the service. Once the work is approved, the seller gets the payment, and both the buyer and seller have the option to give each other a public rating. This rating is essential for freelancers as the Fiverr algorithm allows gigs with the highest rating to show up in the search result. 

Can Fiverr Help your business grow?

Fiverr is a unique platform that offers a wide range of freelancers with varying degrees of expertise. Small businesses or startups need to get things done rapidly. Ideas galore and immediate actions are required. Fiverr is a perfect platform to help companies to grow.


Fiverr makes it very easy to scale small businesses. You can easily hire multiple people to work on a project as need be.

No restriction on timezone

Talent on Fiverr comes from all over the world, so businesses don’t have to worry about any particular timezone. Any urgency can be dealt with immediately.

Cost of labor

Not having any overhead costs like employee welfare or paid leave makes Fiverr cost-effective. 


Freelancers are accountable as they work on a specific project. This helps them focus and get the best work. 

Is Fiverr a scam?

No, Fiverr is not a scam. It started as a low-skilled, low-pay platform but, over the years, has matured enough. There are sellers with comprehensive skill sets on Fiverr these days. And gone are the days of fake reviews, Fiverr is very strict in this regard and, over the years, has filtered out most of the fake reviews. 

And most importantly, there is always an option to resolve any buyer’s issues through Fiverr customer support and get a full refund. So, it is safe to say Fiverr has turned into a mature platform with some fantastic freelancers. 

Fiverr Rating and level system 

Fiverr currently has the highest pool of freelancers in any platform; this makes it essential to filter out the more professional and skilled freelancers. Fiverr has some great options to help buyers find qualified sellers. They have different badges to distinguish between freelancers and help them get hired. 

The four levels are 

New seller – When a new seller joins Fiverr, he automatically gets this badge.

Level 1 – After earning a minimum of $400 with at least 90% in ratings.

Level 2 – After successfully completing 50 orders with no warning over a period of 30 days and 90% in ratings

Top-rated – A handful of the most skilled freelancers receive top-rated badges. One has to complete 100 orders and earn $20,000 to be eligible as top rated. 

Buyers can easily choose the expertise they need; this ensures the right freelancer is matched for the job. 

How is a freelancer rated?

Rating is critical in any marketplace. Fiverr has robust rating criteria with an emphasis on some key aspects. The overall rating out of 5 is a combination of these criteria. 

Inbox response rate – Fiverr encourages you to reply to any message a seller receives, and there is a score for that.

Response time – the time it takes to make a reply after getting a text from the buyer. 

Delivery on time – Fiverr is rigorous in making delivery on time. There is a decent emphasis put on it. 

Order compilation – The percentage of completed orders. 

Any seller with a 90% score in each of these criteria and an overall rating of 4.7+ out of 5 is considered highly rated. 

Fiverr Fees 

To use the Fiverr platform, there are some fees associated with both buyer and seller.


As of July 2021, the service fee for buyers is 5.5% of the order amount. For orders under $50, an additional $2 service fee will be applied. 


Fiverr charges a 20% commission for all orders. So selling a $5 gig will yield $4 for the seller. 

Gig promotion 

From March 2021, Fiverr has introduced a gig promotion option inside their platform. Now sellers can promote their gig to be ranked higher on search results. 

To be eligible for gig promotion, the seller must be at least level one seller, and the gig must have a minimum of 20 reviews. This further ensures that only the best gigs are shown in the search result, providing quality work. 

Fees for gig promotion vary on CPC (cost per click). The amount is deducted for impressions and clicks on the gig even if there is no actual order from the promotion. But Fiverr gives a $10 gift card to get started. 

Fiverr tips for buyers and sellers. 

For buyer 

– Ask for relevant work before selecting a seller 

– Be realistic in your expectation; someone offering a complete website with SEO for $5 is not realistic 

– Ask for specific deliverables that will be provided. If it is mentioned on the gig, still make sure to double-check everything is in the proper format.

– Fiverr allows video calls within their platform. Use that and have a call to discuss the project and get a feel for the person you are working with.

– Do not, under any circumstances, entertain any request to pay outside Fiverr. On most occasions, it turns out to be a fraud, and Fiverr will not be liable for any loss.

– Give clear written instructions for your project; this will save you time to get a refund if the project is canceled.

For seller 

  • Do not try to receive payment outside Fiverr; this will run the risk of banning your account. 
  • Try to overdeliver, and it is always advisable to deliver more to your clients than underdeliver. 
  • Do not force for a 5-star review. This is against Fiverr policy. 
  • Have a good understanding of Fiverr privacy and policy 
  • Ask for exact deliverables the buyer is expecting, and it is better to have a clear understanding upfront than to escalate an issue.

Final word

Fiverr is an excellent platform for entrepreneurs and small business owners. One can find quality work at an affordable rate. There is a massive pool of talent to choose from, and Fiverr makes it easy to scale businesses as well. Fiverr is entirely safe, and as the seller does not receive payment without the buyer’s approval, a scam is no longer an issue. Clear communication is the key and will eliminate any problems. Despite all this, Fiverr customer support is available with their world-class service if anyone has any issues. 

Hello, I have completed the article on Fiver review; please have a look and let me know if you need any revisions. I will be happy to incorporate any feedback. 



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