Renovation Of a House Without An Architect

Are you planning to renovate your home? In this company, a good number of professionals can intervene: craftsmen, of course, and project managers or architects, depending on the size of the site. They act like actual conductors of your work and also bring you their expertise to carry it out. If their intervention is reassuring and very useful, it is also necessary to know that it is, in some instances, obligatory. What are these renovations for which the law requires the use of an architect, and which ones do you have the choice of?

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Home renovation: in which situations can we do without an architect?

To save money on the final cost of the renovation, many try to do as much as possible on their own or by using different craftsmen and qualified companies to do it. An architect’s fees, which are on average between 8% and 12% of the total amount of your work, can weigh heavily on the estimate. Therefore, it is legitimate to question the need or not to appeal to its expertise. Although beneficial, the help of this professional is not required for all types of work.

For renovation work (interior or exterior) of a building not subject to restrictions.

Do you live in a house located outside a listed site that is not considered a historical monument? Then, in principle, you do not have to hire an architect to carry out your renovation work.

For an extension that does not extend the living area beyond 150 square meters.

Do you want to make an extension to your house? This site can be envisaged without the help of an architect on the condition that this additional space does not involve an extension of the total living area of ​​more than 150 square meters.

However, please note that the renovation of an old house, such as a longère or a farmhouse with its barns, is complex. Therefore, the help of an architect will perhaps be optional but will still be of great help, if only for the renovation of the foundations (such as the paving ) while respecting the standards in force.

For a light renovation, refreshment, or arrangement.

All refreshment and development operations do not require the intervention of an architect. Although an interior designer can help in this context, you do not have to rely on his services.

In which cases is it mandatory to hire an architect for your home renovation?

Renovation works are a great adventure but can cause some inconvenience and require a significant investment in time and money. To carry them out successfully, the intervention of an architect is often invaluable. It is also compulsory in some instances. Explanations.

For renovation work on a listed building or located in a protected area.

Whatever the nature of your renovation, when you live on a classified site or in a building listed as a historical heritage, certain restrictions must be observed.

In such a situation, it is essential to distinguish between buildings listed as historical heritage and establishments classified as historical heritage. The former enjoy protection and interest at the regional level, while the latter are subject to safety and national interest. To renovate a monument listed in the heritage, the use of an architect is not mandatory even if strongly recommended. On the other hand, to carry out work within a listed building, its recourse is essential.

For the development of non-habitable spaces: garage, lost attic, cellar, etc.

Do you use your garage tiny, your attic, or your cellar? These spaces, initially not designed to be habitable and not counted as such in your living space, nevertheless constitute an additional surface that may be interesting to use if you need an extra room in your house. Although this surface already exists, know that they will increase your living space by fitting them out. You will have to go through an architect if the total living area of ​​your home is extended to more than 150 square meters once the development work is done completed.

For the creation of a veranda or a glazed extension

The construction of a veranda does not impact your living space and will not involve an architect if this increases your living space to more than 150 m². This is not the case with the glazed extension, which is included in the living area.

For a renovation as a legal person.

Suppose the building you want to renovate is intended for commercial use. In that case, you must use an architect because everything must be carried out according to the latest safety standards as premises are open to the public.



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