Strategies to Strengthen Your Senior Loved Ones Immune System

As we age, the ability of our bodies to combat illnesses diminished. When this happens, we become more vulnerable to illness. It is of particular concern for seniors susceptible to different diseases at a much higher rate than adults without disabilities. In addition, seniors can be particularly vulnerable to many diseases due to their age and frailty. To prevent the loss of physical and mental faculties and to slow down the aging process, seniors must learn how to take care of their health and develop ways to strengthen their immune systems.

You should give the Immune System the utmost importance since it is the one that keeps your senior loved ones safe from a lot of diseases. Moreover, a healthy immune system is key to a healthy body. Thus, all older adults must maintain a strong and healthy immune system to live long and happily.

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What Causes Weak Immune Systems? 

As someone who looks after the welfare of your senior loved one, it is crucial to know that it is not only old age that weakens your loved senior one’s immune system but also some essential factors—this includes.

1. Not eating well

2. Lack of sleep and rest

3. Excessive exposure to certain seasons and temperatures

4. Use of inappropriate medications for the age

5. Lack of physical exercise, smoking, alcohol consumption, and drug abuse

6. Stress, depression, and anxiety disorders 

The excellent way of knowing that your senior loved one’s immune system is weak is by understanding and identifying the common symptoms associated with such weakness. Unfortunately, some of the common symptoms are your senior loved ones are more likely to get frequent coughs, colds, and flu infections or recover from infections, illness, and injuries more slowly.

Your senior loved one may be a frail senior with health issues and need a stronger immune system to combat the cold or flu. Or, they may be healthy but be exposed to more germs because of their environment. Whatever the case, there are ways for you to help your loved ones strengthen the immune system that will have them shrugging off sickness during the cold season.

Strategies to Strengthen Your Senior Loved Ones Immune System

1. Proper Diet and Nutrition

The first step you can take to strengthen your senior loved one’s immune system through a proper diet is to get them to eat rich nutrients and vitamins. These include foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, and dairy products. You can also cook nutrient-filled and easy-to-prepared foods during snack time, like Banana and Almond Butter Toast or Protein Smoothie. It is to ensure that they consume only foods that can boost their immune system.

2. Get them to get plenty of Exercises

The health of your senior loved ones’ immune system can be improved through regular physical activity. Therefore, you need to get them to do exercises at least 3-5 times a week. The best form of activity for this purpose is walking and other exercises that do not require heavy equipment or expensive gym membership. 

3. Avoid Toxins

Be mindful of the things you expose your loved ones to – some items can affect their immune systems. For example, ensure that all cleaning products are not toxic because they could harm and infect them. Similarly, stop consuming alcohol, smoking, and illegal drugs because they are bad for the body and the mind. Also, ensure to wash your hands frequently after touching public items like door handles and keep their immune systems healthy. 

4. Ensure Your Loved Ones Stay Hydrated

Your loved one’s health depends on the amount of water they drink. To stay hydrated, ensure to drink water, juices, and coffee regularly. Also, eating plenty of fruit and drinking tea can help with hydration. Ensure to have your aging loved ones consume water for at least 2 liters a day.

5. Get them to Get Regular Sleep

As old as we get, sleep becomes more important for our minds as well as our bodies. It keeps us refreshed, mentally sharp, and the immune system strong too! So try to make sure your loved one gets at least 7 hours of sleep every night because their immune systems need to work correctly and maintain a healthy body!

6. Get them some Vitamins and Supplements

There are many supplements in vitamin shops that can aid in strengthening the immune system of your loved ones. Ensure to speak with their doctors about the best options available for them and take them as directed. You might have a difficult time just getting your loved ones to take their medicine, but if they care about getting better, there are ways you can achieve this, and it all starts with a straightforward question” “Would you like to get better?”

7. Avoid Medications

You must take note of what your loved ones are taking as they can affect their immune systems. In addition, take note if there are any side effects of the medications they have been taking. It will be likely these medications are not helping as a possible cure to their health issues when you know what they are taking. 

8. Avoid Excessive Stress

The more stress your senior loved ones are under, the weaker their immune systems get. You should help them reduce stress by providing company, listening to what they have to say, and offering support when they need it. You can engage them to relax by giving them books or allowing them to read some. 

9. Get them to Get Vaccinated

Vaccination is a great way to protect your loved ones from different diseases and illnesses. It also protects them from dangerous diseases such as flu and pneumonia. Ensure to take your loved ones to have yearly flu shots, which are the most effective. Although there will always be some risks to getting a vaccination, the risks are low and worth it. 

10. Get them to check up with their doctor

To improve health and avoid illness, your loved ones need to visit their doctor regularly! Ensure that they do this regularly at least once a year at their check-up appointments or when the doctor advises them. The best advice you can give your aging loved one is, “Come see your doctor, follow his instructions, and don’t skip appointments.”

To sum up, keeping your senior loved one’s immune system strong is essential for them to live long and happily. So, if possible, try this strategy to strengthen theirs right away! You would be surprised at how far a few simple ideas can help them if made a part of their daily lives.

Your aging loved ones need physical activity not just for their bodies but on their minds as well. There are countless ways you can help them with both mental and physical exercise.

If you have any other strategies that can help seniors boost their immune systems, please tell us in the comments to share them with our readers.


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