What should I make for a BBQ party?

Holding BBQ parties in summer is the great American tradition where food is not only cooked outside, it is shared and eaten in the most casual of fashions; this could be in your backyard, at a park, the beach, or even a parking lot. That’s how crazy we are for such gatherings.

Although such parties are all about catching up with your buddies or spending quality time with family, food is still of paramount importance.

Everyone would love you for throwing a BBQ party, but it’s the ultimate cherry on the top if the food is extraordinarily delicious. Though hot dogs and hamburgers might always be the number one choice for a BBQ, there are plenty of other things that taste awesome when served right off the grill. 

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Today, we’ll be looking at 4 such recipes that you can try and be the King of the Grill at home or among friends. So let’s not waste any time and dive straight in.


Kebabs, or meat on a stick, is one of the most popular and delicious BBQ dishes. They are a part of many cuisines around the world, and they are especially loved in the Middle East and Asia region. 

Thanks to the diversity and the incoming flow of lovely immigrants, this food is also popular among Americans.

One of the best things is kebabs are quick and easy to make and just as easy to eat. Also, they are a great way to feed maximum guests with minimal hassle (especially if you have a few hands around that can help with the skewer).

Another great thing about grilling meat kebabs is that you can also grill vegetable kebabs at the same time and please any vegetarians at your party too.  

For your non-veg guests, you can pair the meat kebabs with a green salad, coleslaw, Greek salad, or even with rice and baked potatoes. 

2. Fish (Salmon on the grill)

You’ll agree, there is something magical about the combination of live fire and fresh fish. And, if it’s salmon, your guests are in for a treat then. Because the whole side of salmon on the grill is not only a visually stunning delight, it’s ravishing to the last bite.

Whether fillet or steak, salmon is an ideal fish to cook on the grill. It is healthy, meaty, and full of flavor itself. The skin on both cuts helps keep the flesh together while cooking, so make sure you buy salmon with the skin intact. 

Although a good piece of salmon is delicious drizzled with just a bit of olive oil and a little salt, you can try using barbecue sauce as a marinade and dipping sauce when it’s done. Believe me, your guests will end up licking their fingers.

Also, it’s effortless to make and takes about 20 minutes to grill thoroughly. Just put it skin-down, cover your grill, and remove the lid after 15-20 minutes – no need to even flip it! It is that easy.

You can also try with other types of fish; however, choosing a fish could be tricky. Try to select a firm, fleshy fish such as halibut, ahi tuna, wahoo, grouper, or trout. You will want to oil the grill grates beforehand and keep an eye on the fish to make sure you don’t overcook it.

3. Grilled Lemon-Herb Chicken

The safest BBQ option that you can never go wrong with is grilled chicken. Although, you might think that it’s “the usual” and not-so-exciting.

Wait till we spice up this bird a little and serve your guests with flavorful grilled lemon-herb chicken breasts. It’s a simple and easy recipe that will give you the juiciest chicken to munch on.

Cut some fillets from chicken breasts and pound the thick end of each chicken breast into similar-sized thicknesses – this will ensure that it takes the same amount of time for all pieces to grill through.

Now, zest 2 or 3 lemons, place them in a bowl and mix with finely minced garlic and some dried herbs. You can go with rosemary, thyme, or oregano. The lime will add juice to the chicken, and herbs will give it a pleasant aroma.

Then, proceed to add ground black pepper or crushed red chilies as per your guests’ preference, and apply this marinade to your boneless chicken breasts. Keep it aside for an hour at least (or overnight, for best results).

Then what? Simply grill your chicken to perfection and add the twist of grilled lemons and other veggies to the final serving platter. 

Pro Tip: Sprinkle a few herbs to give it a restaurant-style look.

4. Grilled Bison Burgers

This is something that will excite your guests just by its name. Because honestly speaking, all BBQ parties with hamburgers on the menu have bored your guests. So, trying Bison meat instead of beef would be a great idea. 

Bison burgers are a healthy and delicious alternative to beef because they are lower in fat and calories and full of minerals and micronutrients. In addition, bison mean makes for a lighter, leaner burger that tastes amazing!

The process is simple: mix ground bison with garlic, shallot, fresh thyme, mustard, and season the mixture with salt and pepper. Since bison meat has less fat, this could become dry while grilling, so makes sure to add olive oil generously. 

Make round patties from the mixture and give them a slight dent with your thumb in the middle. This will allow for more even cooking.

Preheat your grill, and when it’s ready, grill your patties over medium to high heat and cover it with a lid. Wait until good grill marks appear, and rotate the patty to create the typical hash marks. Again, bison’s lower fat content could make the patty dry, so be careful not to overcook it.

Then, make your customized burger with a honey-mustard or tangy barbecue sauce and top it with a slice of cheese. Your guests wouldn’t be able to resist and would definitely ask for the recipe.

Just like that, you can win compliments and praise from your guests and be the BBQ sensation of your social circle.



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